TraNexus Announcing Blockchain ICO, a New Era for Smarter Travel

TraNexus Announcing Blockchain ICO, a New Era for Smarter Travel

Dublin (Ireland) – April 17, 2018 ( – Speaking today, Geoffrey Lipman, long time sustainable travel advocate, announced a new research and delivery program to advance application of the Blockchain for travel and tourism. He revealed that TraNexus, an Irish company, has put in place steps for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that would focus on travellers and improving their trips, as well as help support transformation of the travel and tourism industry by creating a blockchain infrastructure that emphasizes ease of travel and sustainability.

Lipman said that Blockchain technology was widely recognized as in its infancy, but he was quick to highlight that as it evolves, it has a capacity to create solutions in areas such as search, booking, border entry, ticketing, service provision, secure payment, sustainability performance, as well as a range of marketing and product delivery functions. This extends from the products into the linked services, supply chains and infrastructure.

He added “By developing such a traveller-focused chain and related crypto-currency we aim to help make future trips easier, better value, greener and more fun. I am particularly pleased that we will build sustainability in at the core, with a strong focus on Climate Response, and its existential challenge.”

Headed by Lipman, with past leadership roles at the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and the International Air Transport Association, TraNexus staff, board and advisors bring expertise from airlines, hospitality, government, NTOs, the green sector, tech and payments.

Presale offers can be found on the TraNexus website at and are subject to all relevant regulatory and legal provisions. The ICO is scheduled to commence on June 4, 2018.

About TraNexus
TraNexus is committed to changing the way people travel and revitalizing the travel and tourism industry by making travel easier, greener, more valuable and more fun.

TraNexus will create a series of blockchain-based apps, technologies and more that streamline travel, focusing on apps that manage documents, currencies and experiences to enhance the travel experience from the traveller to the complete tourism economy. TraNexus streamlines the travel process for business travellers and tourists alike while creating an entirely new travel experience for green-minded adventure-seekers around the world. For more information about TraNexus, visit

TraNexus Limited, Company Registered in Ireland: 624039.

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, Director
Marcel Henry, Director