Three Major Tourism Festivals to be Held in Solin, INTERSTAS 25th Edition

Three Major Tourism Festivals to be Held in Solin, INTERSTAS 25th Edition

Solin (Croatia) – March 7, 2018 ( – INTERSTAS, International Festival of Tourism, Film and Landscape, 25th Edition together with the 21st ITF CRO, International Tourfilm Festival and the 16th KEA-CRO, Competition for Croatian Cities/Towns/Centers with the International Golden Flower Award will take place from November 7th to 10th at the Hotel President in Solin, Croatia. Travelindex is the World Media Patner for these important festivals for the world of tourism.

All three events are members and partners of the world’s associations, travels, tourism films, tourism journalism, landscapes, ecology and sustainable development; FIJET, FEST, ITCO, CiB. With the support of the renowned world associations and the main host Hotel President, Solin, all three events will be held under the auspices of the Splitsko-dalmatinska County, the city of Solin, and with the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mrs. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović.

This traditional, internationally affirmed multimedia project with a world-renowned reputation is a unique manifestation of this kind in Croatia. It is locally, regionally, nationally and internationally significant. The main motive is the encouragement of presenting local, regional, national destinations and regions, with motivation for traveling, visiting and getting to know different areas around the world. The event entirely contributes to the targeted goals: development of tourism, cultural and historical heritage, quality and quantity of tourism offer, development of congressional, cultural, health, sports and other selective forms of tourism, development of content that enable quality improvement, increase of total tourism turnover throughout the years. This entire, internationally affirmed event contributes significantly to the creation of an image and a recognizable tourist attraction within the cities of Split, Solin, Splitsko-dalmatinska County and Croatia entirely.

It is held in a very convenient time, the beginning of active preparation for the next tourist business year. In the realization of these events, connecting the world’s tourism, film-festival, cultural, landscape associations, combining culture, tourism, tourism, ecology it is an active contribution to the development of environmental awareness, sustainable development, ecology and quality of life. Every year, an number of accredited participants is increasing, among whom, are prominent individuals and organizations – Laureates, authors and producers of tourist films and also Croatian and foreign tourism journalists. The overall project, designed to actively contribute to the promotion of international integration processes of contemporary tourism, has become a respectable factor in this domain of international action, attracting an increasing number of production companies from all over the world which apply their authors with travel, documentary and culture films.

Through 3 business days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), along with the Tourist Forum, a “round table discussion”, films, educational ecological workshops, special promotions, professional excursions and exploring historical, cultural and other sights in the surroundings will be a chance for meetings and the realization of numerous contacts, business conversations, exchange of international experiences and knowledge with people who make important decisions from the domain of international tourism, environmental protection, sustainable development and production of tourist films…

The accent is on the presentation of the Laureates – the winners of international tourism, film festivals, landscape awards. The Laureates – the winners of these prestigious international awards in all categories – are distinguished individuals and organizations from Croatia and the world. Awards are given to them; “For their excellence in and for tourism, contributing to the development of tourism through culture, tourism film, ecology, sport, and contributing to improving the quality of life, sustainable development and environmental protection.”
This is confirmed by last year’s respectable figures. For: GOLDEN INTERSTAS and CHART FEST 2017. From the 28 countries of the world, out of 136 proposals, there were 75 candidates and 37 nominated. By the decision of the Directory of Festival and the Central Committee of F.E.S.T., 27 Laureates were selected., and that were: 2 Certificates. 14 individual and 11 collective awards. At 20th ITF’CRO 2017: from 80 countries from all around the world, from all five continents arrived 301 film applications. From the 56 countries 104 films were nominated, 91 foreign and 13 Croatian and 23 films / authors (14 foreign, 9 Croatian) were awarded with some of the international festival awards, national “Baldo Čupić” and Grand Prix of the 20th ITF’CRO ‘2017.

It is considered by the world and European landscape, film festivals, tourist journalists associations that support us; FEST, FIJET, ITCO, CiB that with this event, encouraging the international integration in modern tourism, through connection of the subjects that are involved, it is mutually contributed to development of the tourism, preserving of the environment, better quality of life, and the overall international tourism exchange, thus fulfilling the high-demands of the tourism in all of its segments. This project significantly contributes to the recognizability of the tourist product of all local, regional and national participants, and thus a better understanding between nations and countries, which is also the fundamental objective of this event.

With a welcome on the upcoming events: 25th jubilee INTERSTAS, 21st ITF’CRO and 16th KEA-CRO, Solin, Croatia, from7th – 10th of November 2018, in advance of our sincere congratulations to all Laureates 2018, and also on their entry into the International Club for Merited in Tourism Development.

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