Taleb Rifai & Alain St. Ange Leading Tourism Task Force for Africa on COVID 19

Taleb Rifai & Alain St. Ange Leading Tourism Task Force for Africa on COVID 19

Victoria, Mahé (Seychelles) – March 22, 2020 (travelindex.com) – With COVID-19 cases now spreading in many African countries African Interests are going all out against the threat of the deadly coronavirus and destroying the continent’s travel and tourism industry.

With the launch of the COVID 19 Tourism Task Force for Africa, Taleb Rifai and Alain St.Ange are taking an important step to give Africa a strong voice on a global stage.

Africa expert Cuthbert Ncube said: “I see our role as having the interest of our African travel and tourism industry in mind. The victim in the coronavirus situation clearly is the travel and tourism industry. We are more fragile in Africa than anyplace else in the world.

The goal of this task force will be to act efficiently and fast, giving African stakeholders an important voice and help to minimize the impact of this global challenge .” The task force will be able to react to this emerging crisis on a daily basis. It will be flexible enough to adjust its activities constantly without having to delay the process by a time-consuming decision making process.

Joining the growing team of this newly established task force are known tourism celebrities operating under the leadership of Dr. Taleb Rifai, patron, who was the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for almost 8 years. Joining also is former Minister of Tourism for Seychelles Alain St. Ange, and Dr Peter Tarlow a renowned international expert in travel, tourism, and health. Dr. Tarlow has managed tourism safety and security projects for Safertourism.com as well as training of tourism police around the globe. Dr. Tarlow also teaches medicine at the University in Texas, USA.

The COVID 19 Tourism Task Force for Africa is in direct contact with sitting ministers and heads of African National and Regional Tourism Boards and tourism associations.

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