Four Hands Cantonese Chef’s Collaboration from Hong Kong to Bangkok

Four Hands Cantonese Chef's Collaboration from Hong Kong to Bangkok - TOP25RESTAURANTS.comBangkok, Thailand, March 12, 2024 / TOP25RESTAURANTS / Banyan Tree Bangkok is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with Hotel ICON, a unique teaching and research hotel in Hong Kong, where the focus will be on influential culinary delights and cultural exchange through tasting menu and promotion. This gastronomic event will include chef’s collaboration dinner at Banyan Tree Bangkok’s Bai Yun, and Thai cuisine showcase at Hotel ICON’s The Market.

The collaboration program will commence with a Thai Food Influence Festival, featuring collaboration between Thai Sous Chef Renu from Banyan Tree Bangkok and Hotel ICON’s Executive Chef Danny Ho at Hotel ICON. The festival will bring forth a delightful array of authentic Northern Thai delicacies to the renowned buffet restaurant, The Market from March 12 to April 30, 2024, at Hotel ICON Hong Kong.

From March 21–22, 2024, Bai Yun will present “4-Hand Symphony of Cantonese Flavours,” a unique culinary collaboration between Executive Chinese Chef Chi Ki Wong from Hotel ICON, Hong Kong, and our Cantonese resident Chef Simon Kin Man Kwok. The two master chefs will join forces to craft an exquisite eight-course culinary journey that blends traditional Cantonese cuisines with local influences.

Chef Simon and Chef Chi Ki Wong will then travel to Phuket for an exquisite 3-day event starting March 26 – 28 ,2024, where they will present their masterful Cantonese creations to Phuketians at Veya restaurant that celebrates vibrant Asian fare with an emphasis on sustainability and ingredient provenance.

Hailing from Hong Kong, Chef Wong has been appointed as the Executive Chinese Chef of Above & Beyond since 2019. Located on the 28th floor of Hotel ICON, the Michelin-recommended Above & Beyond commands gorgeous views of Victoria Harbour, it brings together a space that is at once elegantly sleek and invitingly down-to-earth with food that stays true to Cantonese tradition while embracing constant evolution. With more than two decades of experience, Chef Wong has acquired profound expertise in curating refined Cantonese dishes with innovative techniques.

At Banyan Tree Bangkok, Chef Simon brings with him his wealth of experience in authentic Cantonese dining and has helmed Bai Yun since 2021. Having been exposed to the culinary world since childhood, Chef Simon is a passionate cook and has mastered a handful of signature specialties. With exquisite menu selections and stunning views from the 59th floor, Bai Yun is renowned for its exceptional dining experience.

The four-hand collaboration at Bai Yun will showcase the culmination of culinary expertise that has been honed for decades, perfected with modern techniques, and laced with epicurean flair of local premium ingredients. Diner can expect eight-course palatable dishes such as a trilogy appetizer highlighting jelly fish, crispy pork, and bird nest; Hong Kong-style sautéed Phuket lobster; classic steamed grouper in lotus leaf with a modern twist; and abalone steak with egg noodles.

Available exclusively for two days only from March 21-22, the 4-Hand Symphony of Cantonese Flavours will astound discerning diners with an unforgettable culinary experience.

Eight-course journey is priced at THB 3,888 per person.

For more information and reservations please contact 0 2679 1200