Bangkok Dermatologists Use Patients Own Blood Cells to Accelerate Laser Scar

Bangkok Dermatologists Use Patients Own Blood Cells to Accelerate Laser Scar

Bangkok (Thailand) – January 9, 2020 (travelindex) – Anyone who keeps up with the trends in beauty and wellness would have heard of PRP or platelet-rich plasma, a treatment known to naturally and effectively rejuvenate the skin. By using the patient’s own blood without any added chemicals, PRP stimulates the growth of healthy cells and collagen without the risk of infection or increased skin damage. Reaching cells below the outer layer of the skin, “it is being used to improve skin tone and texture, smooth fine lines, and even promote hair growth,” said Joshua Zeichner, director of clinical and cosmetic research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Decades of studies have shown that PRP can also regenerate damaged tissue, eliminate scarring and stretchmarks, even out skin tone and make the skin appear more youthful.

In Bangkok, one of the world’s top medical tourism destinations, dermatological specialists at Dr.TATTOF clinics have successfully combined the use of PRP with revolutionary pico-second laser “PicoWay Resolve” to remove scars and stretch marks more efficiently than ever before. According to American-board certified dermatologist and laser specialist Dr. Nattapong Jirurawong, M.D., patients who were treated with both PRP (branded as “MyCELL“) and PicoWay Resolve experienced significantly less redness and enjoyed faster healing, effectively reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks with fewer treatments. For instance, while completely removing pregnancy stretch marks would take approximately 8 to 12 sessions of PicoWay Resolve, PRP can accelerate the healing process to require only 6 sessions. Patients using PRP together with PicoWay Resolve would not only experience faster, more visible results, but also more youthful skin in the treated area.

A leader in the field of aesthetic laser solutions, Dr.TATTOF is moving forward from being the first provider in Thailand to treat with USFDA-approved PicoWay, to being the first in Southeast Asia to accelerate PicoWay’s outstanding effects with PRP. How does it work? PicoWay Resolve’s high-energy beams target scars and stretch marks, breaking the underlying structures in the skin which cause the imperfections. Meanwhile, the laser’s ultra-short pulses enables a photoacoustic that avoids overheating the skin, preventing further scarring. This process spurs the creation of newer, healthier cells that better fade scars and stretch marks. After PicoWay Resolve, the patient’s blood will be drawn, spun in a centrifuge to extract the PRP, finally injecting it into the targeted area using tiny needles for the patient’s highest comfort. The procedure stimulates the patient’s fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers which accelerates the healing process.

Following the footsteps of his father, Thailand’s first US-trained dermatologist, Dr. Nattapong Jirurawong founded Dr.TATTOF to erase unwanted memories and improve confidence by removing scars and tattoos. Being the first medical center in Thailand to treat patients with PicoWay was only the beginning. Today, Dr.TATTOF proudly provides various types of world-class laser solutions with gracious Thai hospitality, bringing happy smiles to every patient

At Dr.TATTOF, patients can expect high attention to detail and un-matched sincerity, leading to the most impressive results. Dr.TATTOF has 4 aesthetic medical centers in central Bangkok and 1 in Pattaya. For more information, visit, call +66(0)99-614-2424 or send a Facebook message to